Footpaths and promenades

Why walk?

Because we care for our health, we want to keep fit, to breathe fresh air and strengthen our bodies. Because this is how we discover unknown places, tales and customs. It makes us want to hear further details, discover other hidden nooks and learn more about the place we are visiting. Because we would like to see the beauty of an unspoilt environment, the pine forests, the crystal-clear sea, the life of the fishermen, the dolphins playing, the sheep on the deserted meadows and the beautiful panoramic views from the peaks we have conquered and which extend over the entire archipelago, the neighbouring islands and the mainland in the distance. Because we would like to discover the unique beauty of the island world, which has enchanted ever more visitors for 118 years.


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The more difficult footpaths require walkers to wear strong sports shoes or climbing boots. It is necessary to take water or fruit juice, particularly in the summer. The hundred-year-old stone walls should never be pulled down. Should a stone fall down, put it back in place. The wooden latticed gates should always be closed behind you. When you come across an animal, behave naturally, calm down and watch. Follow the signs and do not use paths without them. There are many unused footpaths on the island that are not suitable.

Note: There are no poisonous snakes on the islands of the Cres-Lošinj archipelago. According to legend, these islands where blessed by St. Gaudentius, Bishop of Osor, and poisonous snakes were banished forever. As long as the scientists are unable to provide an explanation, let’s believe the legend!